New Issue in Nightbot AutoDJ

I am currently attempting to set up Nightbot’s AutoDJ feature for my Twitch channel. I downloaded the ZIP folder and extracted it per tutorial, however, the .txt files that are supposed to be created upon opening currentsong.exe… are not created in my folder. Instead, I get the following message:
"‘NoneType’ object has no attribute 'encode’
Interesting… Retrying in 30 seconds…"
I have added my Nightbot username to the .ini file (sorry, can’t upload a picture of it because I apparently haven’t been on the forums long enough -_-) ALSO per tutorial.
I am finding out that this is not an old problem because Googling it brings up no results, nor will a YouTube search. I hope to help resolve this issue.

The error appears when nothing is playing in the AutoDJ player. This error can be ignored.

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