New !followage command

this command is using a third party api… the api needs to be authorized to be able to provide the info… there is a link above where u will find all instructions

As tiwosslave said this is an external api to nightbot so you need to login to nightbot and this api.

Hi man, im trying to use this command, but it shows to me: “The moderator provided in the request is not logged into the application, please have them login to the application to use this command.” and im actually logged in the app

Whats your twitch username, the channel you are trying to add the command to, and what is the full command you added?

Keeps saying I must be logged in to use but I am logged in. What gives ?

please scroll up, this question has been asked before

Does anyone know how to translate it into Spanish?

i can help with that… i just need u to tell me what it currently says and what u would like it to say and the current command contents

The command is the !followage for Mods of this post

Currently says “USER” has been following “STREAMER” for 4 years, 10 months, 25 days, 1 hour.
I need you to translate the entire sentence.

ok so, i’m not fluent in spanish, so it might not be grammatically correct, but u should be able to see where to change it to fix it…

$(eval a=`$(urlfetch$(channel)/$(touser)?moderatorId=<id>&format=ymdh)`;a=a.replace(`has been following`,`ha estado siguiendo`);a=a.replace(` for`,` por`);a=a.replace(` year`,` año`);b=a.includes(` months`)?` mese`;` mes`;a=a.replace(` month`,b);a=a.replace(` day`,` dia`);a=a.replace(` hour`,` hora`);a)

and of course u need to change <id> to your actual moderator id