New Feature (Total donation count)

Hi guys, I recently contacted the NightDev team to suggest a new feature. They said if enough people like the idea then they may implement it.

Basically I want a feature to show the total donations made. I wanted to do a charity live stream and have a total amount displayed on screen, Currently there is no way to do that, I can only show the most recent donations.

Please like this post so that this feature gets recognized.



You should not use Streamtip for charity fundraising. It is meant to be used as a virtual tip jar. If you need to raise for a charity you’ll need to wait for Stream Donations to be revamped.

Most times a charity have a paypal or site for their charity. As someone who does charity streams alot I have found that if you contact a site with the info you need they will bend over backwards for help. I know alot of them and but honestly that’s up to them.

The issues with most charities is that they are VERY old school and are shy with getting involved with online related things. Most of them are always welcome to new people looking to help a cause and if they don’t offer a online donation format you can inform them about a paypal donation link (which I think is for non-profits without a fee)

Best bet would be to contact the charities 1st, get info from them and see about a direct way to donate to them. Having a direct way to send the donations to the charity is also WAY easier then handling the cash yourself then sending it. You need to fill out forms and what not and it is kind of sketchy in my books.

When I do mine, I always try and get some form a direct pay for them because then it is all taken care of and you are just doing them a charity run.

I know this doesn’t fully help you but I hope you get some useful info from it.

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