New Commands and Timers are not working

Hi! I write here because I added new commands and they are not working while old ones do.
Another problem: ALL timers don’t work anymore.

Please fix it, it’s pretty boring right now…

It’s technically impossible for old ones to work while new ones don’t (due to how the system is designed). Check to make sure you’re logging into the correct account on the Nightbot website.

Well it’s true ^^ I tried since yesterday and nothing is changing.
Old commands work, the last 2 I added yesterday don’t.
I have one account, so I can’t log the wrong one…
I could do a video to prove it to you if it helps.

Which are the two new commands so we can try them?

I found a fix. I had to delete old commands (pre-beta). Then created them again while in BETA and all worked well

I’m glad you were able to get them fixed. If you find commands that are still not working, please send them our way.