Need help with !weather translation

I tried to translate the weather command but I think I did something wrong and since I’m not good in this can someone say me what is wrong with my code:

command: $(eval w=‘$(weather $(query))’; $(urlfetch json https:// pastebin. com/raw/XXXXXXXXX))

$(eval '$(weather $(query))'w.replace(‘Weather for’, ‘Wetter für’).replace(‘Conditions are’, ‘Es ist’).replace(‘with a temperature of’, ‘und’).replace(‘The wind is blowing from the’, ‘Der Wind kommt aus’).replace(‘and the current humidity is’, ‘und die derzeitige Luftfeuchtigkeit beträgt’).replace(‘No location provided’, ‘Bitte gib einen Ort an’).replace(‘Fair’, ‘zu dieser Zeit’).replace(‘Snow Shower’, ‘Schneeregen’).replace(‘Mostly’, ‘hauptsächlich’).replace(‘Clear’, ‘klar’).replace(‘Cloudy’, ‘Wolkig’).replace(‘Partly’, ‘teilweise’).replace(‘Sunny’, ‘sonnig’).replace(‘rain’, ‘regnerisch’).replace(‘Wind’, ‘windig’))

and is it possible to take out the degree F and the mph in the Text?

!addcom !weather $(eval str=`$(weather $(query))`; $(urlfetch json
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Thanks you so much for your help! It works =)
Is mine totally wrong because yours looks so different to that what I had tried.

Do you know if it possible to give the name of the country in a other language too?
And can I change east south west north in a other language too?

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your code is not totally wrong

i dont think its possible to change the country name and yes you can change NNW to other language

thanks I added now this: let wind = str.slice(str.indexOf(’ the ‘)+5, str.indexOf(’ at ')).replace(‘ESE’, ‘OSO’).replace(‘E’, ‘O’).replace(‘ENE’, ‘ONO’).replace(‘NNE’, ‘NNO’).replace(‘NE’, ‘NO’).replace(‘SE’, ‘SO’).replace(‘SSE’, ‘SSO’);

Do you know if it is possible to see the list of Country Names that the command is using?

oh i already changed my pastebin
now it says Norden-Norden-Ost instead of NNE

$(weather) uses an api which is hidden so we cant see the list

oh ok thanks but in german you would say for North = Norden but for north-northeast = Nordnordost

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