Need help with urlfetch

Hello. I have a simple http server hosted somewhere on amazon and it’s been working fine but then it decided not to anymore.
I can’t wrap my head around the issue here since I’m allowing CORS from anywhere and when I do a get request either with node.js or even on my browser I get a response within 1-2 seconds.

Hiya, hmm I get a "Failed to connect to port 1338: No route to host" error when I send a GET request with curl to your url.

Oh. Thanks! I didn’t even think it could’ve been a host issue since my connection and multiple other services were able to connect to my app :stuck_out_tongue: Restarting UFW fixed the issue :slight_smile:

(how do i close this?)

Ah nice, glad the issue is resolved! The topic will close automatically after a couple days.

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