Need help with custom command


I have some problems with getting a custom command. I use this string “!command_name -ul= userlevel -cd= cooldown -a= !alias command response”. I need the functions command_name, userlevel & cooldown. But I also wanna include a variable, so it can get a input from a different website. I know that I can create a command with variables without userlevel and cooldown, but I need those 2 functions.

So is there any way to create a command with a userlevel, cooldown and variable, but without the alias part? If so, please let me know

Hiya, yes the userlevel, cooldown, alias are optional, so you can just provide the onces you need:

!commands add !commandname -cd=10 -ul=everyone Message start here $(urlfetch ...urlfetch variable...) or $(user) or $(channel) whatever variable you need

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Ah, okay. Thank you so much! It helped me really much :heart:

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