Need help with adding new timers

I have one timer set it works fine, but I am not able to add any more timers and they will not respond to a Alias request command

Can you explain what you want and what your current timer setup is? Not sure what you mean with not being able to add, does the website throw an error or do you just don’t see the timer in your chat?

current timer is Welcome , set to 2 lines and 30 min with Alias !wel
“Welcome aboard! Kick back, having fun, don’t forget to hit that follow button if you like the show. Thanks for watching”

I was looking to set up 5 warrior codes to go off at 5, 10, 15, 25 and 30 lines with a 60 min interval. with words of wisdom from warrior quotes. this is not working ever with them all have warrior 1-5 manes and Alias of !wc1-!wc5

so in shot i can not add in any other timers i even tryed to copy the welcom to the T adding Welcometest and Alias !welt only thing changed was chat line went to 3 then 4 and nothing worked

Can you elaborate on “not working?” Is there an error you’re receiving? Generally speaking, if a timer executes and encounters an error it is posted to chat. If there are no errors, then you’ve misconfigured the timers.

even though they are in the timer set up as per the other time i get “The alias you set this command to be of, !test, does not exist.”

When you set a timer as an alias, you’re making the timer run a command you already have. The error message means that this command you’re making the timer use, !test, doesn’t exist.

Let’s say you create a command called !test with the response: This is a test message.

!addcom !test This is a test message.

Then you create a timer and put !test in the Alias field and put $(query) in the message field. This means that every so often the timer will run the !test command, and Nightbot will therefore say “This is a test message” in your chat whenever the timer goes off.

So you want to create 5 timers that output quotes. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Directly copy and paste the quotes into the timer message fields and leave the alias fields blank.

  2. Create 5 custom commands called !wc1, !wc2… with the command responses being the quotes. Then create the 5 timers. For each timer put the command name in the alias field and put $(query) in the message field.

I shall give a wack ty. Out come to fallow

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