Need Help With a CustomAPI Chat Game Project

->I’m looking to create a command where a user can earn credits using a ‘!roll’ function and a random number between 1-100 would be generated. IF the user has 0 credits then 1 credit would be gifted to them every 5 minutes.
->If the number is over 55 than the $user is successful and wins 2x the amount bet. If the number is 54 or lower than $user loses their bet.
->Is there a way to create a customAPI with this function where each individual chat user could build/earn ‘credits’ this way?
-> The credits serve no purpose other than a chat competition to see who can earn the most.

This is only possible to do with Nightbot if the passive credit gain for a viewer happens regardless of whether they are in the chat.

This is perfectly fine. I’m just a moderator looking to spice up a friends streams

Does the passive credit gain start at the same point in time for everyone? Or does it begin for a viewer when they use a command?

I think if there was a !credits command that showed how many credits they had OR if they type !roll for the first time it’ll begin for that specific viewer. Would that mean the creditcount starts at 1?

Nightbot does not offer a points system at this time, so it’s not possible to build a system like this either.

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