Need help with a counting command

Been trying to sort out a command for missed cannon minions in league of legends, i managed to add a command (!cannon) that shows the message: there has been (amount) cannons missed. It was working fine, but once it got to 6 cannons, its now stuck on 6 cannons, ive tried resetting the command but so far it wont work, it just still says theres been 6 cannons missed. Ive tried:
!commands add !resetcannon -a=!commands edit !cannon -c=-1
!commands add !resetcannon -a=!commands edit !cannon -c=0
both of them wont reset it, any help would be appreciated, pretty new to this stuff
Thanks <3


Delete !cannon and !resetcannon, then copy and paste these into chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !cannon There have been 0 cannons missed.

!addcom !addcannon -a=!editcom !cannon There have been $(count) cannons missed.

!addcom !resetcannon -a=!editcom !addcannon \-c=-1

!cannon will display the number of cannons minions missed.
!addcannon will increase the number by 1.
To reset the number to 0, type !resetcannon then !addcannon

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