Need help with a command

i need a command where i can do !whiff 1 and itll add 1 to !whiff everytime i do that, i was trying to do !addcom !whiff $(eval $(query) + (something) but nothing was working, any help?

Have you tried using $(count)? It increments the counter by one every time it’s called.

The problem with that is it adds it to the query so meaning if he did !whiff 1 it would add 1 to count so it would be 2, plus there would be no way to find out how many whiffs there are or it would just add another

You don’t need to type 1 to activate the $(count) variable it will activate every time you call the command no need to do any eval stuff. Also the best way to be able to look at the command with out adding a whiff would be using two commands like this:

!addcom !addwhiff -a=!editcom !whiff $(count) whiffs.
!addcom !whiff x whiffs

Hope this helps

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