Need help with a command please

hi guys i need help to add a command for pubg wins. i want it to start at 0 and the 2nd command to add 1 win can anyone help me?

Yep, just copy paste these into chat:

!addcom !wins {STREAMER_NAME} has 0 wins.

!addcom !addwin edit !wins {STREAMER_NAME} has $(count) wins. -ul=moderator -a=!commands

Replace {STREAMER_NAME} with the streamers’s name of course, and change the command names up if you please.

well i created them but when i use the 2nd sometimes it adds 5 or 3 not just 1
also i want the 1st one to be like !chickens and show just the number

It always will add 1, make sure multiple mods are not using the !addwin command at the same time.

To make it !chickens, replace !wins in both commands with !chickens, and in the second command you can remove the STREAMER_NAME has.. part except for the $(count) this will show just the number.

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