Need help creating API

So I’ve seen people that have a custom API that has Nightbot on a timer to give away “viewer points”. Say, every 10 minutes Nightbot gives each active viewer 10 “viewer points”. I know how to create timers for Nightbot, but I need help with creating an API that Nightbot will fetch to give away these viewer points.

I’ve never done any API coding at all and I have no idea where to start. Any help would be awesome. Even just links to a good tutorial on API and how to write it out and where to host said API.


Point systems require more than a simple API. They require a service to consistently check the chat and add points to users and store them in a type of database. The API part of it is getting the total number of points from the database and displaying it to the user. You’d need to expand your knowledge on just more than APIs.

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Okay. Thanks for the information! Like I said I’m a total noob at this. I’ll do more research. It may be beyond my capabilities but I’m trying to learn new stuff.

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