Need counter variable to show how many

Hi guys I am currently trying to do a fish counter with night bot. I can add a !addfish command for mods only who can add fish 1 at a time.

[18:57] @%?OkdudeTV: !addcom -ul=mod !addfish the fish caught is $(count)
[18:57] @’?^Nightbot: @OkdudeTV -> The command “!addfish” has been added successfully.

now I just want to be able to have a command that just shows the count.

Like !fish [19:05] @’?^Nightbot: the fish caught is 5

when I type !fish it adds a fish because I tried this variable.

[19:05] @%?OkdudeTV: !addcom !fish The Current fish Caught is : ($(count) times) and it adds in another counter. any idea the variable I need just to show how many with out adding any or a new counter?


This is possible if you set up two commands, !fish which displays the count and !addfish which increments the count.

!addcom -cd=5 !fish The fish caught is 0

!addcom !addfish -a=!editcom !fish The fish caught is $(count)

Worked thank you very much

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