Need count command help

Hello everyone! Trying to set up a count command for how many times I drop an f bomb on stream, but I can’t quite figure out the way to set it up. I copy/pasted what was on the help doc and changed it around a little but when I tested it, it came out as ‘Nightbot has dropped an f bomb’ etc instead of my twitch name.

Help is appreciated! Hoping to have this working before my stream tonight :'D

Depends exactly what you want to do the simple version is just have a mod or yourself type a command like !addswear or something to increment the counter up by one if you want that try this:

!addcom !addswear -a=!editcom !COMMAND_NAME @$(channel) has dropped an f bomb $(count) times.
!addcom !COMMAND_NAME @$(channel) has dropped an f bomb 0 times.

Note: COMMAND_NAME is the name of the command your viewers will call on and should be changed.

If your looking to have a reset function on the counter then look here for help:

I just want it to display my highlighted channel name, so ‘Vexterity has dropped an F bomb etc etc’, instead of me having to write it out where it’s not nearly as eye catching. Would
!COMMAND_NAME @$(channel) achieve that?

Yes, I do believe @$(channel) would be highlighted for the streamer which is you of course.


No good :frowning: Unless I’m using it wrong somehow. Current string of text is:
‘@$(link to my channel here) has dropped an F bomb ($(count) times)’

Ah I see what you’ve done just leave it as $(channel) it’s a variable and will be replaced with your name automatically

Omg! Thank you :smile: That worked I really appreciate your help!

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