Need a command to edit two others!

I need help making a command edit two other commands . I’m new so if your willing to help itll be much appreciated

On mobile so I don’t know whst it looks like in chat I use to do everything.

I don’t want to post commands just in case I confuse others but if willing to work with me I’ll show you what I have. Thank you . I’m really close by the way


Feel free to post whatever commands you are trying to set up, and explain what you are trying to do.

I’m trying to do a run count , one for !runs for viewers to see , !run too add to the count for !runs.

!runs Current Run Attempts:

!run edit !runs Current Run Attempts: $(count)

!rr edit !runs Current Run Attempts: -c=0

I want !rr to reset my !run as well . When I use !rr and then !run it adds the last count added.
I hope this isn’t confusing and you can help

I also have
!r Edit !run -c=0
To reset !run but I want !rr to do it both

Delete all run-related commands, then copy and paste these command setups into chat one by one to add them:

!addcom -cd=5 !runs Current Run Attempts: 0

!addcom !run -a=!editcom !runs Current Run Attempts: $(count)

!addcom !rr -a=!editcom !run \-c=0

To reset !runs, type !rr then !run

Thank you so much appreciate it

The !rr then !run after resets !runs to 1 . Can I get it to reset to 0

If not that’s okay this I just fine

Delete !rr then copy and paste this. This should reset !runs to 0.

!addcom !rr -a=!editcom !run \-c=-1

Workers perfect and because of your help I understand it more to thank you

You helped me out alot last time .
You think you can help me with a death count similar to that?
!deaths Death Count:
!deaths+ add deaths to ^

I don’t need to reset it either I can do that manually because its gonna be a while.

Good looks
Appreciate it man thank you

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