My User ID does not work to add as Manager

I know what the manger ID is supposed to look like, and how to find it in the right corner…But copy pasting, typing out, signing out and back in… nothing is working to add myself as a Manager.

Hey @watchingdawn!

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do.
Managers can only manage others’ accounts, you can’t set yourself as the manager of your own account, and you can’t set yourself as the manager of someone else’s account.
Once you copied your manager ID, you’re supposed to share it with the person who’s account you’re going to manage, and they have to add you as a manager by pasting your manager ID.

how do i add managers to my night bot for YouTube

Hey @Dipey_TC!

The same way you do for Twitch, the Nightbot manager system is platform agnostic as it’s internal, follow the steps in the topic I linked above.

Hi… We need help… I have been a manager for streamer… Then we tried to make a test for some commands… So he remove me from Manager and coplete the tests… Then when he tried to put me back as a manager it didn’t work perfectly… It shows to him that i am a manager put not connected at the same time… The two avatars of our accounts are not togather & I can’t reach to his dashboard… I know we were silly, we are new about nightbot all stuff… Please help… How we can fix this

Hey @Bulbul!

It’s possible there’s some desync, I suggest both of you log out of the Nightbot dashboard (option under the profile pic menu on the top right corner) and log back in, then if you don’t see the option to manage their channel, the streamer shall try to add you back as manager.

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It works very well… Thanks a lot

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