My song request isn't work

My song request is just working if i put it to everyone. If i set it to subs only it won’t work

What do you mean by it isn’t working? Can you give more details. Is there an error message?

There isn’t any error message, the command just won’t work. If i set the use to everyone the command works normally, but if i set to subs only, nobody can use it, neither me, my mods or my subs

Yeah it’s still not working, now i can use the !sr but it still doesn’t work to my subs

What do you mean it doesn’t work for them they can’t use it at all?

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Look, it’s like he wasn’t a sub at all, and this is for all of my subs

How long of a delay do you have set?

i have set no delay for the request

From what I can find you don’t even have a nightbot commands page

the !sr or !songrequest is a default nightbot command that is not on the command list. The only thing you can configure is who can use it in the Song Request page

Yes I am aware the issue is that’s I searched for your command list and it didn’t exist I got 404 error and I just checked that people without commands do show up so did you change your name recently or anything?

noop, i have the same name since i created the account last year

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