My Nightboot timers dont display on chat


I have 3 timers in my Nightbot but they never display.

Timers are:

Most recent followers

The most recent followers are $(customapi
10 mins, 20 lines


Pr贸ximo Guiveaway quando atingir 200 followers. Escreve !Guiveaway para saber mais.
18 mins,10 lines


Boas. Se gostas do canal e queres seguir de perto todas as novidades n茫o te esque莽as de p么r follow. :stuck_out_tongue:
5 mins, 2 lines

What is wrong and what i need to do?
Can you tell me the right timers and lines for 3 Nightbot timers plesae?

Timers always execute on your defined interval, every 10 mins or 18 mins or 5 mins in your case.

Upon execution they look at the past 5 minutes of your chat and count the lines sent. If they do not meet the line requirement they do not show the message.

If you meet the line requirement the message shows.

Most likely your line requirement is too high.

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