My Emotes no longer show up

Hey guys, the emotes I made for my channel no longer show up for me. I have them turned on in the menu but when I search for them in the emote menu they are not there. They work if I type the written text in. I have tried both Legacy mode and normal mode. Any ideas?

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i noticed today that twitch i believe is in full beta mode meaning beta is real time update now. so all our emotes are gone. and i sub to bttv specifically for the additional emotes. so i would like to know if this is permanent?

@gamenvape @ebenyme to clarify, the emote menu feature is gone, your emotes themselves are still there. You can see them by typing out the beginning of the emote and tabbing to complete it. The emote menu feature will be back when there is time to implement it, this is a side effect of twitch making beta the default, sorry about that.

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ddddaaaannnnnngggggggggggg. i never realized how much i depended on bttv functions. i used it for everything. hosting emotes dark mode msging. so now its totally done. except for typing the emotes out. im disappointed but thank you

Actually, tab complete is not working either.

@Slikrick Tab complete isn’t even an option in the BTTV menu anymore. You have to know and manually type out everything.

There seems to of been an update to Twitch again, I noticed it last night, @Slikrick @ebenyme @elaphros … To get the emotes, click the settings gear cog on the chat box itself and select “pop out legacy” … This now pops out the chat with the Betterttv emotes menu.

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You are correct, i thought it was back, my bad.

Yea same here, you never know what you have until it’s gone :frowning:

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thanks for the email the other day. yes i’ve been noticing. I believe you can really only access them tho if the streamer is using it or something becuase use seems intermittent. but i am ecstatic to see bttv back. hope we get the host button back too

You can track support for Twitch’s new site at

For issues with the emote menu track at