My emote wasn't a complete duplicate but was still rejected

I am a Warframe Partnered channel on Twitch, and wanted to make my own platinum emote for people to use in my chat, one that fits the theme of the emotes I already have; the cute cuddly adorable ones. Sadly the Emote got rejected and I got told that the Emote was a duplicate.

This is the Emote that I uploaded for my channel, Facing the right way for my chat and added with a cute adorable face.

Now I assume that the emote that I “duplicated” was another platinum and what im wondering, did I not make the emote original enough for my channel or is it just too similar to the other that its considered a duplication? Are there any steps I can take to get the emote that I want like make it more original?

any answers help and I appreciate the BTTV service.

If you duplicated an emote then the duplicated emote is included in the email that gets sent to you. Either from BetterTTV or a link to the Twitch Emote.

If it’s a partner’s emote then simply adding a face or flipping direction is not enough for it to not be a duplicate. We are strict about twitch partnered emotes, somewhat less so with bttv emotes that are shared (though we always recommend asking the original creator if they are fine with it in that case)

I can’t really say without knowing the duplicate. If its just that platinum without a face then im not really sure exactly WHAT you could do, it would have to be a large enough change to be fairly distinguished from the original.

I dont disagree with BTTV’s descision on rejecting the emote, I assumed when I submitted it that it would be rejected given its similarity. and Ive already got plans to remake it to the point of total originality, I was just wondering what specifics can be met to make things unique yet similar?

I mean this is the icon that all warframe fan channels have access too.

I simply wanted to make a different version of the emote that the original uploaded one, much like how RareParrot has RarerParrot.

Though in truth after giving it some thought the solution of “If you are going to do it, Over do it” Comes to mind. I do wanna stress that I dont disagree with the rejection, and I do understand why. I just couldnt find clear cut guidelines on what can be considered a duplicate and not a duplicate. Now I know :smiley: Thanks again for your time in replying.

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