My emote oddly rejected

I submitted an emote of me using my inhaler and it was rejected because “Please resubmit this emote with clarification of use/permission” If someone is doing verification then just visiting my channel would show that it’s clearly me as the emote links to my channel. Why would I need my own permission to use my face when I submitted an emote that is linked to my channel. Who is doing the verifying?

Looking at the emote, if you can trim the white border off around the edge, we’ll be able to approve it for you. Just looks like a mistake on the approvers end :slight_smile:

I can’t resubmit because I reach an unknown 20 emote weekly submission. Which I read starts the day of my first upload which was last night. Plus what does it mean when you reject something because it can’t be seen in lower resolutions? like 12x12 or 18x18? Or like 480p 720p etc?

When you upload an emote you should look at how it reads at 28x28. If it doesn’t scale down and remain readable at that size, it will be rejected.

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