My Donation Alert v2.0 error

Hi guys I have followed every step of the tutorial correctly, when I get to the part where I have to open the Donations file I get the following message:

Donation Track Alerter v2.0 loaded
No handlers could be found for logger “socket10_client”

Can anyone please help me resolve this issue!



Can anyone help at all?

This seems to occur when Donation Alert is unable to connect to the internet. Please make sure your firewall and antivirus software are not blocking connections for the app (‘donations.exe’).

This is exactly what it says for me, I then mad sure my antivirus software and firewall was not blocking the connection for the app, and it was not.

I have just tried re installing the files with my security/anti virus off and trying to run it, but the same message pops up. Any other suggestions?


This error occurs when you’re unable to connect to the server.

Unfortunately for the time being there is no solution. A completely new version of the app will be coming soon.

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Started getting this error today, sad. But looking forward to the new version!

When is the new version released?

The new version is out in beta. You will need to upgrade your account at Then you can download the new alerter app…

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