Muted songs on night bot

I’m running into a problem where all youtube videos on nightbot are starting muted , meaning that I have to turn the sound on and up for each and every single song playing.
Also I realized even though the icon is the muted icon if I hover over it it says “Mute” and it only unmutes after two clicks.
If I skip over a part of the song it is muted again.
No matter if I slide the music louder or click to the volume I want it to be, when the next song in the queue comes up it’s muted and the slider is at almost zero again until I tab out of my game and stream to fix it.
Because of this I had to interrupt my stream countless times when the problem first came up two days ago.
It does not happen if I use youtube on my browser (chrome). Just to be sure I still emptied my cache and cookies, but that didn’t solve anything either. The problem only happens in nightbot and only since two days, even though I changed nothing compared to the last months. It happens no matter if I’m currently streaming or playing something, or if Nightbot is the only application running.
Anyone got an idea how to fix that?
I look hear in the forums and saw a similar issue and read how to fix it but i havent downloaded anything new or changed anything. until yesterday it would always play and shuffle on its own fine.

Hiya, check this similar topic: Youtube Videos in Nightbot all muted when they begin playing

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