Hello, new here, hoping this is being posted in the right place.

I saw a video where you can have a multistream command where i could show the other streamer’s stream on my stream. This would be helpful for me since i play with a lot of friends and was wondering exactly how this command would work. Thanks in advance

Hello @the_qban_1 !

You can set a command where you link other streamers’ channel to a multi-stream link, something like: This will redirect people out of Twitch.

I’m mentioning this because if I understand correctly what you’re asking for, you’re talking about the Squad stream option, which is currently only available to Partners:

If you’re interested by the multi-stream command that sends a link, here’s a way for your mods to update the command without having to write the full link every time, the only argument they’ll have to send are the other streamers names.

!addcom !multi$(channel)

!addcom !setmulti -ul=moderator -a=!editcom !multi $(eval `$(channel)/$(query)`.split(` `).join(`/`))

• !multi → gives the multi-stream link
• !setmulti <streamer 1> <streamer 2> … → updates the multi-stream link
There’s no need to add your name after !setmulti because it’s already added to the command.

Hope this answers your question and/or helps.

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ahh thank you. yes i was meaning the squad option. im nowhere near affiliate or partner so thats out the window for me. was hoping to stream some games against friends and try the multistream command. thank you for your response.

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