Multipurpose commands

I would like to make a command that performs dual functions. Specifically, i would like to make a command that would look something like this:

name: !rekt

command: /timeout @(touser) 0 [enter] $(touser), you just got rekt Dansgame

or something to that effect.
So essentially, the command would first purge a user, proceeded by some sort of comment. this would of course be a mod-use only command, and would be used to quickly purge users in a fun/comical way. is there any way this is possible, or could be possible?

We do not allow commands that execute servers commands on behalf of Nightbot for security reasons, sorry.

Additionally, multi-line commands are not possible. It’s difficult to conform to rate limits and deliver timely in-order responses if we allowed multi-line responses, so it’s not something we’re going to add.

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