Multiple YT playlist?

Hey guys, I used the search function but couldnt find any posts regarding this, but Google did… weird. Although I will say there was only one answer that stood out (which I’ll get too)

Im trying to form multiple playlists for my stream because, well, you know, its a nice thing to have, especially at this time of year. Have a Christmas playlist, or heavy metal playlist, rap playlist etc. Saves having to stop the stream and make a whole entire several hours worth of songs for your stream. Is there a way of doing this?

The post I found on google (from Feb 2016 I believe) was similar to mine and one of the answers he got from a Dev was

“Unfortunately we are only permitting a single playlist at this time, sorry. Down the road we may consider multiple playlists, but for the majority of use-cases concerning the AutoDJ system at present it isn’t necessary to have multiple.”

Forgive me if this seems rude of me (not my intention) but I beg to differ. I think having the option to make multiple playlists would be an amazingly useful thing to have, simply because it would save strain on the CPU of having another program open to run multiple playlists due to nightbot not being able to do so and also because of the other reason I mentioned before (having to stop the stream and make a whole new list).

Of course if making multiple playlists is possible just tell me to Shhhhhh and possibly show me how lol

It is not Nightbot’s job to be a primary music library, which is why we have no focus on multiple playlist support. In addition, it’s actually far less resource intensive to use a music application like Spotify than to use Nightbot’s song requests for a primary music player. This is because YouTube videos are decoding video, which means more CPU usage.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for song requests, then you should use Nightbot’s song requests feature. But, if all you want is a music library, you are better off using a tool designed for that.

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