Multiple sounds

Hello everyone,

I recently started to use the “Follower Alert” thingy from here. Since I have alot of sounds effect I could use for the Alert and I don’t really have a special one right now I wanted to know if it’s possible to have multiple sounds effect ( like when someones follow , it would choose from a list of sounds effect )

It’s not possible to upload multiple sounds at this time. If you wish to have this capability you may need to modify the system yourself to work how you want it to. I don’t mind if the source code for the visual alerts is modified for personal use.

Other question, I’ve been using a fadeInLeft code ( for the Follower Alert ) from and I would like to know if you knew how to make the image go away faster or make so that I could add an other animation so it goes away ( still faster ) but with more style

Those are some cool effects.

As for making the image leave faster, you’d again need to modify the source. The current Visual Alerts are pretty barebones, hence why they are under the “Beta” projects.

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