Multiple goals at one time


Is it possible to collect multiple goals with StreamTip?
For example, I want to collect several amount of money for software plugins at the same time, and when the goal is reached, I publish the source code of the fully-donated plugin.
I create different goals and want to make different donation buttons for them, but currently met no way to make tipping for specified goal. How can my question be solved?

Unfortunately this is not a use-case we’re able to support, sorry. The goal system was designed with a constraint that only one goal could be active at a time. Due to how goals are implemented, any received funds get applied to only the active goal.

For your requested use-case, you’re not really collecting goals so much as funding your plugin development. Unfortunately this falls outside of the purpose of Streamtip, which is a tipping platform for streamers. Goals on Streamtip are meant to help reach personal goals, ones that do not warrant anything in return (which is the difference between a tip and funding a project).

I’ve been looking for a way to do this as well, so I’ll weigh in with my two ideal use cases.

  1. Running multiple goals that let viewers choose which goal they want to contribute to. In my case, it would be a method of ‘voting’ on which next project they want me to fund. For example, since my streaming is on Creative, and I do a lot of bodypainting, they could choose to put their tips towards a 60s Spiderman bodypaint as one optional goal, or towards a G1 Arcee bodypaint.

  2. The main thing my tips are used for is buying more paint. Paints come in different sizes. So I’d like, ideally, to be able to have a 5$ goal of “Smallest amount of paint possible!” which could scale into a 20$ goal of “Next size up of one paint colour” and then into a 30$ goal of “Largest amount of single paint possible!” and then into an 80$ goal of “full 12 colour pallette of paints!” eventually into a 1000$ goal of “Airbrushing Kit!” So once the 5$ goal is reached it would roll over into the 20$ goal, and once that’s reached I’m already 2/3 the way into the 30$ goal. etc.

Are either of these cases something that you could work on?

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