Multiple Custom RNG Outputs

So I need help in making a command that uses RNG to have a lot of possible outputs with different (custom) levels of rarity for the possible outcomes.
What I wanted specifically was to be able to use the command !loot and have the outcome be one of these emotes: bungieUNCOMMON, bungieRARE, bungieLEGENDARY, and bungieEXOTIC.

These are the probabilities/ rarity I wanted on the different possible outcomes:
bungieUNCOMMON : 6553/8192
bungieRARE : 1474/8192
bungieLEGENDARY : 164/8192
bungieEXOTIC : 1/8192

I have done a lot of testing but haven’t found anything that would let you customize the rarity of different outcomes. The only thing I could think of is a command that fetches the outcome from some kind of link but I have no idea what to use for this.

I would be so grateful to get some help with this, Thanks!


Try this:

!addcom -cd=5 !loot $(eval a=Math.ceil(Math.random()*8192);if(a<=6553)b=`bungieUNCOMMON`;if(a>6553&&a<=8027)b=`bungieRARE`;if(a>8027&&a<=8191)b=`bungieLEGENDARY`;if(a==8192)b=`bungieEXOTIC`;b)

Holy cow!! It works so well!!! Thank you so so much! Perfect and you responded super quickly too! Thanks!

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