Multiple commands for one output

hey guys i’m new to this forum i need help with a command so basically i want to add a command that allow nightbot look for multiple words like “hey,hello,sup,hi,morning,evening …” and answer with one answer like "hello @user@ welcome to the stream …etc i can’t manage to do it i know its easy but i need to know how to add multiple commands for one answer anyway thx for the help guys :smiley:

Unfortunately what you are looking for does not exist. Nightbot does not have an autoreply system and it is not possible to add wildcards to commands. You could make a command for each of those words but it would only reply to that specific word. For example you make a “hello” command, this will respond to someone that says “hello” or “hello mate” but not to someone who says “oh hello”

You can make any number of commands that have the same answer.

!addcom hello hello @user@ welcome to the stream
!addcom hi hello @user@ welcome to the stream

etc. etc.

thx for replying i already make them one by one anyway thx a lot for helping :smiley: