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Multiple audio alerts

I did see some older posts about this but wasn’t sure if they were still relevant. I am using OBS Studio , I have three different scenes with three different audio follower alerts. I have the correct urls for each alert, however when someone follows in my channel, all three audio alerts go off at once. I also have &preview=true set for each alert and I hear all three at once when I start OBS (I think that is by design though since i have them set to preview.)

Yes, that is why you hear them all at once on startup, it is running the preview for all three at the same time.

I believe to do what you want you need to edit the browser source for the follower alert and there should be an option called “shutdown when not active” (i believe, i have not checked that in a while) and make sure that is set to on for the follower alerts ones. In OBS Studio all sources are global and are always there in the background, so that should make it so they aren’t running if they aren’t in your main scene that you have active.

If it does work how i think (i have not yet tested) the follower alert will only play on the scene you have active and when you switch scenes it will play the one associated with that scene. But i am not 100% on this.

Ok set shutdown when not active, but now, no matter what scene I am on, it is only playing the audio alert from the first scene. I have 3 scenes, 2 use same png and all 3 use different ogg files.

Not sure what is going on, I have three different scenes that each have their own follow. each follow url points to the corresponding visual and audio alert 3 visual alerts 3 aduio alerts, 1 set for each scene. All I am getting now is the 1st scenes visual and audio, no matter which scene I am on , I also have 'shutdown when not active checked on each follow.

Any help would be appreciated

You might wish to check with OBS’ support about that since there may be some other configuration issue. We’re not OBS experts, so we don’t really know how multi-scene support works in OBS or why this would be happening to you.

I took all of them out and created all three follows and corresponding alerts s form scratch and will see how that goes. So far seems to be ok.

Love your stuff btw :slight_smile:

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