Multi-stream viewing possibility?

i saw a few multi-streaming extensions an was wondering if BBTV will ever have that built in?



To answer your question, the Twitch website is not built in such a way that allows us to add this functionality without editing critical components of Twitch’s client side framework. The Twitch website is designed for a single stream and a single chat. In BetterTTV, we will not modify Twitch’s components since it would cause BetterTTV to break entire pages if Twitch were to change the functionality of their components. We used to do this before Twitch switched to a client side framework for page rendering and had numerous issues with BetterTTV causing unintentional problems when Twitch changed their codebase. As of Twitch rolling out EmberJS client-side, we reimplement much of their logic on our own to prevent these issues moving forward. Now instead of the entire site breaking, BetterTTV itself should fail, but the Twitch site should remain functional.

There are numerous sites and extensions available that already do what you wish with varying features and success. It might be best to use those instead.

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thanks for the clarification

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