Multi Query by Urlfetch?

I wil make a urlfetch with multi $(query)

here a example

i was new with scripting scripts for Nightbot

Why not just parse the entire user’s query on your end? You can use $(querystring) to get a url-encoded string for that purpose.

$(urlfetch https://some/url/index.php?q=$(querystring))

Thanks night for answer
but how i can use that?
when i use
is the
echo from $test = $_GET[‘test’]
the same was

have you a small example with phpcode

The only difference between $(query) and $(querystring) is that querystring is url-encoded.

If you use index.php?test=$(querystring)
You can use it in your code with $test = $_GET['test'];
This will give anything the user types after the command.
After that you can explode $test to get the different values.

If you want them seperately use index.php?a=$(1)&b=$(2).

Now i have make this for multi commands

by send !test value1 value2

$msg = $_GET['msg'];
        $exp = explode(' ',$msg,2);
        $bmode = $exp['0'];
        $bchar = $exp['1'];

 $exp['0'] // is value1
 $exp['1'] // is value2

This work perfeckt

Night why you have not say
multi query is aviable
i have see this here
and with $(1) & $(2) can i send the variables to my script

why have you not say what i can use the Argument command

That is because arguments are not safe for use in URLs. They do not get URL encoded when passed into the url, so the only correct way to parse user info is to take all of it or use a variable with a guaranteed safe response (ones that do not take user input).

oh ok
is this
the better way and safe?

As was stated in my initial response, you should only use the querystring variable.

i parse the complete query on my script and check for to umlauts

And why is the Custom-Api area for new Threads closed?

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