More than one stream!?

Not sure where to categorize this honestly, but i do run stream on twitch and youtube. But i have not found a way to link the same nightbot beta to both so im not repeatedly adding the same commands over and over again. Or is there a way!?

At this time there is no way to do that at this time. Here is a post that is similarly related that I think might explain why:

Hey Aaron, im not really trying to have nightbot in both at the same time, but linked to both accounts. Because the way it is now i have to create everything for nightbot twice.

Even if not at the same time, the point is that there is no reason to have multiple accounts. If you need to switch from one service to another the only thing to do at this time is to manually move all the commands over to one side. Nightbot isn’t made with the intent to sync between two different profiles. I hope this gives you a little more idea on why it isn’t possible.

yes it sure does, thank you very much