Mods command shows me: Unexpected identifier

This is the command, but I get: Unexpected identifier

any solution?

!addcom !mods /me Mods $(eval mods=$(urlfetch json$(channel)/chatters).chatters.moderators;bots=[%60streamlabs%60,%60streamelements%60,%60nightbot%60];bots.forEach(b=%3Emods=mods.filter(m=%3Em.toLowerCase()!=b.toLowerCase()));%60 | :point_right:t2:Mods activos: ${mods.join(, )}`;) :point_left:t2: -ul=moderator

Hey @criismyers_ottv!

The API endpoint you’re using has been shut down by Twitch, and there’s no public alternatives as of now, since the API doesn’t respond as it used to, the code is broken, which gives you that error.

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