Mods and Subs not syncing right on discord

nightbot gives all the roles sort of correctly to people on discord, but the issue is if a mod is also sub on twitch nightbot takes away the mod role and gives them subs. unless i give them mod role manually and turn off auto syncing it will just take the mod role away again, mods that aren’t subs aren’t effected.

Nightbot doesn’t sync subscribers. It only sync regulars and moderators.

Mich created this ticket for my discord/nightbot account, so let me clarify. Subs are being synced to discord via Twitch integration, and mods/regulars are being synced via nightbot integration. However, last week nightbot started unmodding any mod who is also a sub, and also removing half of my folks I’ve added as regulars via the commands on twitch or through nightbot website directly. These are only being removed on discord, not on twitch. Mods who are not subs are unaffected. Please help!

Are you sure they are mods? Do they have their Twitch account linked to Discord? Is their Twitch account linked up to date (correct username… after a name change they must relink their Twitch account to Discord).

Checked the mod roles and yrs they are mods on twitch. I checked with them regarding the twitch link to discord and to on rod their points, it wouldn’t be linking them as subs if they weren’t since that is a twitch to discord integration, so yes they are all linked.

It is suddenly working as intended again. No clue why nightbot went mad for a week, but my roles are sorted. Thanks!

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