Moderator ranks

I was wondering, if you can somehow make 2 different ranks, where 1 rank can edit/add/delete commands, and 2nd rank cannot, so that if someone’s a moderator who you trust could have the 1st rank, and the moderator that you don’t fully trust has the 2nd rank?

Go to, and either disable the default command !commands, or change its userlevel to “owner”.

Moderators will no longer be able to manage commands via chat.

Add the moderators you trust as “managers” at

Managers are positions that can allow users to fully access your Nightbot through the control panel. Managers have the power to control everything with Nightbot in your channel. Because of this, managers should only be users you trust .

Your managers will be able to manage commands using Nightbot’s web interface at

Alternatively, unmod the mods you don’t trust.

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