Moderator Cooldown

With a custom command and a cooldown set to 30 seconds, I’ve noticed that when a Moderator and a regular / sub runs a command back to back, the cooldown does NOT seem to take effect. The response is posted twice.

Is this the intended behavior?

It seems that mods are on their own cooldown, as when 2 mods post back to back there is only 1 response.

example from Annemunition’s stream


Broadcaster and Moderator cooldowns are 5 seconds regardless of the cooldown set. This applies through out Nightbot and apply itself per base command.

Thanks for the quick response. I assume there is some reasoning for having separate cooldowns that I’m not privy to, because I’m not seeing the benefit.

I think it’s fine if Broadcaster and Moderator cooldowns are 5 seconds and all other levels are 30 or whatever is custom set. But I think they should work in tandem, not separately.

When the same command is run twice, literally back-to-back, within 1-2 seconds, I think there should only be 1 response, regardless of user level.

That is what should happen, there is always a 5 second base cooldown on command activation, regardless of userlevel. The screenshot you posted is a corner case issue (from what i have found) where someone tries to use a command at the exact same time or a few milliseconds after someone else uses it (noted by their message showing up before nightbot triggers the command). This sometimes triggers nightbot to use the command twice.

For some commands you don’t want subs/everyone to be able to spam but moderators should have the knowledge and ability for when commands should be used, so they don’t have as much reason to follow the cooldown. I mean, by default they also have the ability to edit the commands, so i think ignoring the cooldowns makes sense.

OK. Thanks again for the prompt reply.

Just FYI, this ‘corner-case issue’ is a daily occurrence in AnneMunition’s channel. Mostly due to regulars wanting to help out with commands.
We could raise all command levels to moderator, but that’s not an ideal solution.

I code myself, so after your explanation about duplicate commands within a few ms, I now understand what is happening.

This should occur less often now, Night made a small change to the way nightbot handles moderator cooldown in conjunction with the regular cooldown. So do let us know how it works in the future.

Raising commands to moderator is not ideal, simple useful things should be able to be done by viewers/subs (imo), but i can see how the double posting is not helpful for that :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks! :heart:

Have yet to see any duplicates since that change was made. Thanks again!

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