Mixer platform integration

I am considering moving my stream from Twitch to Mixer and I’d prefer to not loose all of my commands and switch to a new chat bot service. Is there a way or are there any plans on including Mixer into Nightbot’s available platforms?

Currently there is no integration with nightbot and mixer. That being said, i don’t know if it is a platform night plans to support with nightbot, it does have an actual api for working with (better than youtube’s too) https://dev.mixer.com/

Generally when nightbot adds new support for a service that service has a different nightbot id, so you wouldn’t be able to “move over” your commands and stuff by default. There is a nightbot api to work with that would allow that though.

Much appreciated. I’ll look into that. Thank you for the timely response.

Looked into this a while back. Until they allow me to multiplex chats over a single socket connection it’s not easy enough for me to add.

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