Missing Sharing Emotes in Chat

Today i see, that a lot of shring emotes are not display in my chat. I’ll try it on firefox, opera and chrome and disabled all other plugins… nothing work.
I try it on my latop with a blank firefox and bttv installation and have the same problem.

I see it today in the channel “inzaynia” with the emotes “inzWow” and “inzGrins”.
The channel emote “inzaDerp” i can see…

I dont know how long the problem is. Other peple can see the emotes…

Have anyone an idea?

I’m realy angry that i have since month even problems with any bttv emotes and settings on each browser and different pc’s…

The only emote that exists in the channel is inzaDerp, all of the others are no longer in that the streamers shared emotes. This is probably due to the owner/streamer replacing them with other shared emotes.

But why can all other see this?

I see that i have the same Problem in the channel from “salista_belladonna” and the emote “42Star”. All can see it but not me…

Ensure you have enabled “BetterTTV Emotes” and “BetterTTV GIF Emotes” in the BetterTTV settings.

i have enabled this options.

I see some bttv emots but not all.

Same here,

Can see a lot of emotes like LUL, forsenPls and FeelsBadMan, but now there seems to be a wealth of new emotes I’m not seeing?

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Those are not BetterTTV emotes. You can view all emotes for that channel at https://manage.betterttv.net/channels/forsenlol/emotes

With are no BTTV emotes?

42Star > https://manage.betterttv.net/emotes/56dcfe5b1f16077705313e53
KKomrade > https://manage.betterttv.net/emotes/56be9fd6d9ec6bf74424760d

If they exist but do not work then it’s because they are not shared to the channel. The link I provided is a list of all emotes that work in that channel.

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