Message if !songrequest is empty (I use !radio as alias)

I use the song request feature. with “!radio YOUTUBELINK” you can request a song. But when you only enter “!radio” I will get a Message like a short How to in the chat.

For testing, I created a command !rad with this message: $(eval if (‘$(1)’ != ‘null’){‘$(query)’} else { ‘How to wish a Song!’})
When I entered “!rad test” then Nightbot says “test”. When I enter “!rad” then Nightbot says “How to wish a Song!”.

How can I change this? On “!radio test” Nightbot must search youtube for “test” and put a video in the playlist, like on !sr or !songrequest.

Hey @criss_ki!

I’m afraid you can’t change the current behavior, when using an alias, the output of the original command is forwarded to the alias no matter what.

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