Message deleted with show deleted message setting on

I use BTTV since a long time, and now i have an issue. I have the setting “show deleted messages” on, but sometimes when someone post a link all i see is “message deleted”. I don’t have the twitch setting to delete links on, what should i do ? I am using google chrome 64bit.


Are you sure you have the setting toggled? Are you sure the user isn’t just posting “<message deleted>”?

Yes “Show Deleted Messages — Turn this on to change back to users’ messages.On” and i asked someone what was the message and it was a link, i didnd’t try to click the message tho. It happened maybe 2 or 3 times, it is not that bad but i am trying to understand.

Well unless you have a screenshot of the issue and can prove it’s BetterTTV, it’s not a bug.

Just happened again but i can click it to see the link so i guess it is fine.

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