Media keys dont work on nightbot autodj

Logitech g910 orion keyboard is not working with nightbot software. I tested the media keys on other music players like windows media player, spotify, and even youtube vids and they work fine. but when I am trying to skip a song with fast forward or pause a song with pause/play nightbot does not recognize it.

However, the up and down volume hotkeys work perfect.

(All other media players are closed when nightbot is being used.)

We listen to the standard media keys, but perhaps this keyboard maps them different and uses some firmware/software to make them function. Unfortunately we’ve not yet setup the ability to set the keybinds (although we can easily build it (it just needs the UI for it, the logic already exists).

If they were mapped to anything other then the standard media keys why are my media keys working on everything besides your software?

I don’t have the keyboard experiencing the issue so I cannot be certain. In any case, you would need to wait for us to implement custom keybinds.

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