.me not recognised as url

I’m a Mod for a big streamer and it seems like .me urls are not recognised as urls. Rightnow we block everything that has .me in it but you might want to check your domainlist.

Users would need to use a full https:// link, as we don’t support all domains, like .me, in non-linked form.

Hey, unfortunately Twitch will create a link from everything that just looks like a Link. Even somethink like thisis.nolink . The Problem is that right now we have a lot of cheaters that try to advertise their Boosting Services in Twitch Chat. And as they know that .me will not be recognized as domain. They changed their domain to .me . It would the best Solution if you could include .me and other domains into the automatic link recognition.

It’s unfortunate but we will not consider .me outside of proper links in our spam filtering as people mistakenly type it in sentences.

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Hm, this is true. Is there a possibilty to add domains to the spam filter manually?

Yes, you can add them to the Spam Blacklist either as a regex or a *.me

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