Maxlength Increasing

Can any developer let YouTube commands length increase to 500?
because i want to use eval to create more funny commands.
unfortunately I often use YouTube not Twitch…
but,I really like the Nightbot and custom commands system.
so,I hope the developer can increase the length.

The 200 Maxlength limit in YouTube is mean “response” not commands text.
For Example:If i have a commands text like this:

$(eval var a="$(user)hit a critical!“b=“The monster defeated”,c=$(count),d=$(count),e=”/280,Completed",f=280,g=Math.round(b/d*100000)/1000,h=Math.random();(c+3==f||d+1==f?"$(user)complete the mission,get paid 36 pieces 932coin":c+3>f||d+1>f?“Today 's mission is complete, please come tomorrow!”:c<f||d<f&&h>0.5?a+b+(c+3)+e+g+"%":b+(d+1)+e+g+"%"):wink:

the response will be A or B or C
A:The monster defeated XXX/280,Completed XX%
B:$(user)complete the mission,get paid 36 pieces 932coin
C:Today 's mission is complete, please come tomorrow!
No matter which one is not over the 200 limit isn’t it?
but,the commands text is 348 words,over the 200 Maxlength limit.
so,I really hope the developer can increase the length.

If you set the command via our API directly you can store up to 500 characters, but we limit it to 250 in the control panel for YouTube because their chat output is limited to that.

how to access to API in nb, and if it need any knowledge in programming?

The API docs are available at

I know but that is mean the “response” length,so if the commands response not over 200
it still can display normally

I have a friend,he created a commands use over 250 word before the maxlength 200
but that commands still work normally now,because it response not over 200

Unfortunately we were tired of people complaining their commands did not work when they were over the limit, so we now set a hard limit in the control panel. That will not be changing.

OIC, but according to Nightbot provides a simple and extensible JSON REST API to integrate Nightbot into third party applications and services.It’s mean that the API is write on the third party system and then integrate to Nightbot right?

bec i cant find the place to write the API … lol
manual is needed

OK,that can you teach me how to create a api? i want learn it
btw,in the api the simple program language whether work? or need regular?

We do not have the staff available to assist you with building on top of our API, so you’re unfortunately on your own if you wish to try using it. I’ve already linked our extensive documentation.

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