Max message length for youtube NightBot

Hey there,

Started using Streamtip with Nightbot recently, one issue I discovered was that YouTube’s message limit often prevents messages from being displayed in the chat by Nightbot, seeing the message limit is bigger than YouTube’s message limit when you include the initial build up of the message. Is there a way to make an adjustment to the output or enable an option that sets the message limit to something more fit for YouTube? It will solve some of the inconsistencies since in the few days I had it enabled I had some people that were sad about their message not being displayed in the chat.


In reality due to YouTube rate limiting it’s not possible to really work around this issue. There’s no way to display the full message then, and Nightbot doesn’t currently account for max message length when sending to chats (not to mention it is generally a bad idea to trim messages to max length and YouTube does not make available the actual maximum length of chat lines). In general YouTube’s live chat system needs a lot of improvements, not really Nightbot or Streamtip. Much of the limitations that exist are theirs, not ours.

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