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Hi! I moderate for a couple of streamers and manage multiple nightbot dashboards - and all of it works fine for me. I was adding another moderator today, and it showed her as being added successfully. She can add commands in via twitch chat entry, but she doesn’t have access to the moderator dashboard at all, and instead was given access to my channel’s nightbot instead of the streamer she was modded for. I went back and re-added to make sure I hadn’t added her to the wrong channel, but not only did I add her to the right one, it’s showing the same mods across all of my dashboards despite the mods for each streamer being different. I tried deleting and re-adding a different moderator from a different stream to see if it would delete them from all of the dashboards, and it did. This feels like a weird ‘select all’ interface issue happening beyond where I can see it, but I don’t know what I can do to fix it. Any ideas?

Hey @alynshirslover!

Managers need to be added by the channel owner, they can’t be added by other managers.
If you noticed, you add managers through your settings, so the settings of your Nightbot dashboard, not the dashboard you may be managing.

I see! It was strange that they were showing up for the account managers that I was looking at, but I may just have misunderstood what I was looking at! Thank you!!

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