Manager Issues [Nightbot]


So I have both a youtube and a twitch account, so I made my twitch a manager of my youtube. Later on, I deleted my youtube account to create a new one, and that youtube account is now stuck on that account. I logged into that account but it does not show that it is managing nor being managed. When I log in via twitch, it shows both accounts, but does not show on either that one of them is being managed. I would like to remove one of them (the youtube one) from my list, and I also have another problem. When I go to giveaways on the youtube account, instead of saying “Chat embed is not currently available on youtube.” it says it is not available on twitch. Yet when I switch over to the twitch account, it has the chat. I’m wondering if this is a glitch since they are both logged into from twitch (But one is a youtube account that i’m guessing is the original manager). Even if it was the original manager (Probably is) why would it show as twitch? wouldn’t it show as youtube? Here are some screenshots.

You can change who you’re managing by clicking the user icon on the top right.

The Giveaways Tab is client side and will use the service that the user is logged into, if the user logs in through Twitch it uses the Twitch chat. Vice versa if the user is logged in through a YouTube account, it will display “Chat embed is not currently available on Youtube”.

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