Making a custom !songrequest bugs with search engine

Hi there, im trying to make a chorter command for the song request, im currently using this command
!songs request $(query)
but i’m having an issue, when i use !songrequest or !songs request, everything is ok, but when i use the custom command,
it won’t look up for the song, and only accept URLs

You would have to create an alias of the !songs command, for example

!commands add !reqsong -a=!songs request $(query)

However if you just want a shorter command for requesting songs, you can use !sr and !songrequest which are both aliases of !songs request by default.

Thanks for the reply!
another question, what does the -a= stands for?

Means “alias”. When the command is run it will run the command after the “=” with the rest of the command message.

So when you run !reqsong this is a test
it’s actually doing this: !songs request this is a test

The input of reqsong just goes to !songs request, allowing reqsong to be functionally the same.

ok, last question, why is it “-a” instead of “a” alone? is that a whole different command? (i don’t really know how to refer to it)

Anything that starts with “-” before the command name is just a command modifier

-a=[command] - will run the command that is input
-ul=[userlevel] - Only people of the userlevel and above can run the command
-cd=[cooldown time] - Delay from when the next command can be used.

These aren’t separate commands themselves, they just modify how the command they are attached to will work.

This is described in the nightbot docs, where most things are:

Thanks guys, now i can get things up and running :slight_smile:

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